Secretary General discusses preparations for the NATO Summit with Prime Minister of Czech Republic

Today (23 June 2022), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, at NATO Headquarters. The visit provided an opportunity to discuss the latest preparations for the NATO Leaders’ Summit scheduled to take place in Madrid at the end of the month.


The Secretary General highlighted the important decisions to be taken at Madrid in five key areas, including the approval of NATO’s new Strategic Concept, strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence, continued Allied support to Ukraine and other partners at risk, improving burden-sharing, and addressing Finland and Sweden’s historic applications for NATO membership.

The Secretary General also praised the Czech Republic’s commitments to NATO.  “The Czech Republic is a committed NATO Ally, making valuable contributions to our shared security,” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said. “In response to Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine, you have stepped up to protect other NATO Allies, and to support Ukraine. The Czech Republic has provided significant military equipment to Ukraine, including tanks, helicopters and rocket systems; and you host hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees,” the Secretary General added. “You also lead NATO’s new battlegroup in Slovakia, helping to deter any aggression against our Allies, and you contribute forces to our battlegroups in Latvia and in Lithuania; you are leading by example when it comes to countering chemical, biological and nuclear threats,” he highlighted.

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